Fee Structure

ShillStreet operates on a transparent and sustainable fee structure designed to support the ongoing operations and maintenance of our platform. We believe in providing value to both influencers and projects while ensuring the sustainability of our services.
For influencer payments, ShillStreet applies a standard 10% fee. This fee is deducted from each influencer payment and contributes to the platform's revenue. It allows us to continually enhance and optimize our services, ensuring a seamless experience for all users.
Additionally, projects launching their campaigns through ShillStreet are subject to a small launch campaign fee of 5%. This fee is calculated based on the total campaign value and assists in covering the costs associated with campaign management and support.
To ensure transparency and accountability, the 10% fee from influencer payments and the 5% launch campaign fee are calculated and automatically routed from Campaign Escrow Wallets to a dedicated ShillStreet Revenue Wallet. The funds accumulated in the Revenue Wallet are then utilized to cover the operational expenses necessary for maintaining and improving the platform.
By implementing this fee structure, we can sustainably support the ShillStreet ecosystem, continuously enhance our services, and deliver value to our users. We remain committed to transparency and providing a reliable platform for Web3 startups and influencers to thrive.